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‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’ – Oscar Wilde

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16 – Lora interviews Tilly McReese mainstream adult and fetish actress

Tilly and myself just finished a two day shoot with Heroine Universe, and as we were talking in the car about her family life and the move over from Ireland we realized this would make a killer podcast! Tilly talks about her move from Ireland, her quick rise into mainstream and then her natural and…

15 – Lora Cross Interviews Adult Star in real Cuck Relationship Ciren Verde

Lora Cross has an off-the-cuff interview with her longtime friend, BBC lover and shameless adult star Ciren Verde. Lora and Ciren talk about all the fun they just had during their 5 day visit in detail and then talk through the different terminology around this particular fetish as well as touch on some of the…

14 – Life Update – New House, Evolved Fights and My First BBC Sexsperience

Good Morning World! I’ve decided that it has been entirely too long since i’ve updated you on all of the ridiculous things that are happening in my life. If you’d like the long version then you should definitely listen to the podcast, but here’s the short version… Me and Leo just moved to Chattanooga TN…

13 – Lora Cross interviews Alexandria Hamilton of Modest Moms Wrestling on starting from nothing to becoming one of the best in the wrestling business

Alexandria Hamilton is a Mom and an entrepreneur that decided to create a wrestling production company from the ground up. Her brand is centered about quality pro-style wrestling and boxing with a pro wrestling ring that she built herself along with her brand and her crew! As the name suggests ‘Modest Mom’s” Wrestling, she does…

10 – Lora Cross and Miles Madden Update on Fights After Shoot

Miles Madden is back again! Lora Cross and Miles Madden talk about wrestling right after their latest submission wrestling match with Lora still in her micro bikini and Miles in his trademark colorful hot pants! This was filmed right after the Thanksgiving holidays and the two talk about Lora’s recent matches with Tapered Physique, Sarah…

12 – Lora Cross Interviews Session Wrestler, Actress and Rock Climber Madison Swan

Lora Cross is not going to miss out on the opportunity to interview Madison Swan as they drive across the midwest from Denver, Colorado to Springfield, MO to a mud wrestling shoot! Lora and Madison talk about wrestling, session wrestling, life on the road, and of course their non-monogamous lifestyle along with their romantic and…

11 – Lora Interviews Model and First Ever Girlfriend Ryan Rose

Me and Ryan have been friends + and filming together for over 3 years now. We actually met on tinder the first time i ever made an account day 2! We started filming with Seductive Studios together, doing customs for way too cheap, and generally causing mischief wherever we go! This will not be Ryan’s…

9. Mike Larkin Interview on mental health and the Lingerie Fighting Championship

Lora Cross interviews Mike Larkin, host of the Lingerie Fighting Championships podcast and in-ring announcer. In the usual fashion on here, it’s a long form discussion that ranges a broad amount of topics from mental health back to some highlights from the past year and how he finally cracked into working in female pro-style wrestling!…

8 – My Journey to becoming a full-time travel model and tips on how to get there

So first, merry early Christmas everyone! I’ve recently been getting a ton of questions from new models asking on how they can start get started and hopefully eventually become full-time models. While there isn’t enough time in the day to share all of my tips, fitness and nutrition advice and business and marketing, i did…

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Lora Cross is a BJJ session wrestler, fitness and fetish model and actress that want ton inspire others to be healthy, fit and free!

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Lora Cross Podcast
Lora Cross

Lora Cross is a BJJ session wrestler, fitness and fetish actress and model who loves adventures and inspiring others to live healthy, fit and free lives!

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