EMT Lora Cross CPRs Jacquelyn Velvets After Heart Attack

Jacquelyn Velvets is a stressed-out business executive. Why can’t her underlings do their jobs so that SHE can make tons of money in stock options and benefits while they struggle to make ends-meat? What losers. Maybe if they had gotten into Harvard they wouldn’t be so miserable. And Jacquelyn is so happy. Whatever. 

But something doesn’t feel quite right… Jacquelyn’s chest begins to hurt… She struggles as she realizes she’s dying and calls 9-1-1. 

Lora Cross, the expert EMT arrives and begins to give high-quality CPR. That’s not working, so Lora gets out her Defibrillator and starts giving Jacquelyn shocks to the heart in between rounds of CPR. Does Lora save Jacquelyn after her nice tits are out? Watch and find out!

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