Xenia Onatopp Uses Head Scissor To Extreme

Xenia Onatopp doesn’t have much use for men. They can occasionally be fun playthings, and certainly their money helps her achieve her goals. Unfortunately for the poor men of the world, word HAS NOT gotten around that you need to be careful around Xenia if you value your life.

Xenia’s next target is here and she gets him to the bedroom. Kinky! She wants to 69, but with the man on top. The man climbs aboard Xenia and sticks his cock in her mouth, and goes to town on her pussy. 

Xenia is loving it- but the only thing she likes more than this situation is to squeeze the breath out of the man with her muscular thighs in a crushing headscissor! He is helpless against her wrath, and Xenia has a mind-blowing orgasm as the man breaths his last!

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