Workout Leads to Double CPR

Lora Cross and Claire Irons are doing a workout down in Lora’s workout room. They are truly getting their heartrates up and their pump on. Everything seems to be going well, until it isn’t…

Claire suddenly experiences a cardiac arrest! Her heart stops working! What the hell is Lora Criggity Cross supposed to do about this? Duh, CPR. Well, in reality, she should call 911 first, but hey, this is show business.

The CPR isn’t working, so Lora gets out her hand defibrillator to give Claire some shocks. She also pulls Claire’s tits out and her shorts off, and starts fingering her. It appears that the strangeness of the situation has made it to where Lora cannot even think straight!

Then, WOW! Claire’s heart starts again! Lora has done it. But oh no! Lora’s heart stops, and Claire has to perform CPR! Which she does, and before you know it, Lora is revived. Happy ending for everyone!

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