When Hubby Is Away Lora Goes In For Beatdown

Hotlegs Playtime has a sexy new outfit to show to her husband Leo, and she’s very excited to see what he thinks of it. When he arrives, he loves it! He thinks that Hotlegs is super sexy, especially when she is well dressed. Leo has an errand to run, but when he gets back, he and Hotlegs are going to have a great sexy time.

At least, that’s what they think.

Lora Cross shows up. She is not about to allow Hotlegs to have a good time in a fancy outfit. No, Lora is there to mess her up, to beat her down, and to destroy both her ego and her formal attire. No hold, no strike, no wrestling move is off limits as Lora proves just how much Hotlegs sucks compared to her!

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