Well Dressed Waitress Beatdown by Punk Lora

“I just cannot believe her. So rude. So awful. I am going to make her change her ways. I’m going to march right down there and I’m going to talk to her.” Sadie Holmes is talking to herself as she gets ready to confront Lora Cross over Lora’s well-known bullying. “She’s going to be wonderful. She’s going to just change her ways.”

Yeah, right. 

Sadie Holmes shows up, dressed in her most beautiful formal waitress attire, and is invited in Lora’s house to demand Lora change her ways. How funny. Lora and her husband think this is hilarious. 

Sadie Holmes is about to have a bad time. Lora will show no mercy as she beats Sadie up, slamming her into the mats, putting her in humiliating wrestling holds, and striking her stupid little belly again and again. Change her ways? Never!!!

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