Ultra Girl vs Shadow Sphere Episode 2

After narrowly escaping Shadow Sphere’s clutches, Ultra Girl went to one of her best friends, Wonder Woman, and proposed that they work together to take on Shadow Sphere and bring him TO JUSTICE. Ultra Girl and Wonder Woman confront Shadow Sphere in his lair…

Oh no! This may have been a mistake! Shadow Sphere still has the magical powers he obtained in the last episode, and he uses them to summon Wonder Woman’s lasso to him and then uses the lasso to incapacitate the two superheroines! 

Now that Shadow Sphere is in control, he uses his magic to make Ultra Girl and Wonder Woman fight one another! Their minds remain under their control, but their bodies is another story… Once these two beautiful and strong women are worn down, Shadow Sphere ties them up, taunts them by leaving their magic belts draped around the opposite hero’s neck, and puts a timed explosive between them…

Will Ultra Girl and Wonder Woman escape this predicament? Will they be able to take Shadow Sphere down and bring him to justice! Tune in and find out!!!

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