Ultra Girl vs Shadow Sphere Episode 1

The evil villain Shadow Sphere found the Book of Madness and learned to transcribe it. He has been working on the Ritual of Azathoth, and this dark magic is almost completed. Who knows what horrible fate this vile sorcery portends for the world…

Ultra Girl arrives! Appearing out of the sky at the speed of light, she lands and uses her Ultra Vision to see through walls and floors to locate Shadow Sphere in his basement… He has nearly completed the ritual!

Ultra Girl confronts Shadow Sphere, and their fight is hardcore and dangerous, and almost evenly matched until… THE STARS ALIGN! THE RITUAL IS COMPLETE! Shadow Sphere uses his magic staff to control Ultra Girl’s body, slamming her into the ground again and again, making her give him her magic belt, and then controlling Ultra Girl’s arms to make her knock herself out.

Shadow Sphere takes Ultra Girl out into the woods and ties her to a tree, for what dark purpose, he does not reveal… as a taunt, he leaves Ultra Girl’s belt, containing her powers, hanging from a tree limb in front of her… Is this a mistake? Will Ultra Girl be able to escape!?!?

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