Two Feral Babes Eat Ass In Forest

Lora Cross and Dacey Belle have been stranded for years in a subtropical forest on an uncharted island, and survival has been tough and strenuous. They have had to eat all kinds of unsavory things to survive, and they have essentially lost the ability to communicate due the ordeal they have gone through.

However, they have each stuck to their own territory, and thus have not come into conflict… until today! They have located some supplies from an unfortunate plane crash, and they each are determined to be the one to benefit.

The contact of these two feral beings looks at first like it will come to violence, but then, both of these girls think the other is pretty attractive… they decide to share the supplies, but not before eating each other out as a form of primitive greeting. There is nothing like some booty-eating to start a meal of survival food!

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