Two Barbarian Warlords Fuck to Seal Alliance

Red Sonja is the preeminent warlord in her territory, and she doesn’t take kindly to rivals. Her warriors recently came across the warlord of a rival tribe, and they were able to take him alive. Sonja has this warlord in her dungeon, and she comes to discuss something with him…

Why not make an alliance? Wouldn’t their two forces be stronger together, and they could begin a conquest of the entire region!

Of course, they need to perform some kind of ritual to seal the deal on their alliance, and Red Sonja has something in mind: a demonstration of each of their sexual prowess. They start with their mouths, and then move on to good hard fucking. Sonja rides the warlord like there is no tomorrow, and the warlord fucks her from behind like a bitch.

In the end, Sonja decides she needs a good dose of cum in her stomach, and sucks one right out of the warlord’s cock. Alliance sealed.

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