Ticklish Cop Has Icecream Eaten Off Abs

It’s been so long since our Lady Cop has seen her old Friend, and they are overjoyed to get to reunite with one another. Lady Cop remembers how much her Friend likes vanilla ice cream, so she stopped by the store on her way home to get him some.

Friend is so touched by this gesture, and he almost tells Lady Cop something… but no, it’s too embarrassing. Lady Cop pushes Friend to tell her what’s up, and he admits that he has always fantasized about eating icecream off of a female cop’s sexy abs.

Why not tonight? Friend is surprised that Lady Cop is so okay with this, but he’s not about to lose the chance to finally fulfill his fantasy! They spend the remainder of the evening putting icecream on Lady Cop’s belly and having Friend lick it off- oh, and they discover just how ticklish Lady Cop’s sexy little belly is!

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