Three Way Sex Fight Lora Sadie and Andie

Sex wrestling- the sacred art of competitors oiling up and honing their sexual talents in competition, by attacking their opponent with sex appeal and lovemaking technique in order to be victorious by producing an orgasm on their opponent before they themselves have an orgasm. Or, if orgasms are had, to have fewer than their opponent.

Lora Cross, Andie’s Palace, and Sadie Holmes come together today for a three-way sex fighting match. It turns out the sex fights can have as many athletes as you want, and this match is a perfect example of why. If two sexy top-shelf bitches is good, isn’t it better to have three?

All three competitors today bring sex appeal, luscious oiled bodies, and sexual prowess to the match. Watch to see who will have the fewest orgasms, and then thus deal out the punishment- a hard fuck with a strap-on!

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