Three Way Sex Fight Lora Leo and Athena Anderson

Sex fights are usually between two competitors, and the goal is for one of them to make the other cum more times than they themselves do. Usually…In this case, however, the producers wanted to bring their viewers a special three-way match between Lora Cross, Leo Cross, and Athena Anderson. 

Who will cum first, and cum last? Lora Cross and Athena Anderson are cock-hungry sluts whose pussies are dialed in to giving them orgasms, and Leo knows how to fuck. But of course, Lora and Athena are sexually talented and enthusiastic, and they are determined to make Leo pop before he can do the same to them.

The stakes are high- the winner gets to sexually dominate the losers, using them for their pleasure. Lora talks a big game, Athena has the confidence, and Leo is coming off a winning streak. Let’s see who wins and who loses- big time!

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