Three Way Sex Fight FFM

Sex fights are usually between two competitors, and the goal is for one of them to make the other cum more times than they themselves do. Usually… but this time, it’s Leo Cross’s second contest in the sex-fighting world, and the producers decided to throw him to the wolves and put him in a threesome with two of the sexiest sex-fighters they could find: Lora Cross and Ecko Belle.

You would think that putting a first-timer in a match with two sexy and amazing lovers would be unfair, but the producers had confidence that Leo Cross had the sexual prowess to take on these two lovely ladies, fuck them good, and make them cum before they did the same to him.

Unfortunately for Leo, the horniness, sexual talents, and sheer athleticism of Ecko and Lora proved to be too much for him- and he came before the girls did! That means that Lora and Ecko got to use his cock however they wanted in the punishment round, and they used it good!

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