Three Girl One Guy Sex Fight

Lora is well known on the sex fighting circuit, and her husband @serleocross is getting some fights under his belt as well. In fact, he defeated Lora Cross and Paris Love in a recent match, so now the producers want to throw a new challenge his way: three girls at once. In addition to Lora, the producers got Andiespalace and Tatiana Steele to attempt to defeat Leo’s cock. 

The girls are all out for themselves- the person with the fewest orgasms at the end of the match is the winner, of course- but they see Leo as their main challenge and are all trying to pump each other up to endure the onslaught of Leo’s cock.

Lora is the first to fall as Leo fucks her just the way she likes, and then next is Tatiana. She just loves the cock fucking her from behind too much. Andie holds out the longest, but her pussy can’t take Leo and she finally cums. Leo has managed not to cum, so he gets to take advantage of the girls in the punishment round.

The girls have to go on their knees and all suck Leo’s cock, then he has them lay down on the mats. Oh no! He sits on each of their faces in turn, rubbing his ass over their mouth for a nice dominant rimjob. Finally, he fucks them each from behind (humiliating!) before cumming all over Tatiana’s tits.

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