The Criminals – break in, seduction and turnabout

There has just been an alert sent out in the area to Lora Cross via text that there are two very dangerous criminals on the loose escaped from Prison.

Lora shrugs this alert off and continues doing her workout. Moments later Lora finds herself face to face with the dangerous criminals both armed. They tell Lora to do what they say as Lora starts a fight and manages to briefly get away into a different bedroom. Unable to hold the door away from Chris, he breaks in and gets Lora back under control.

Deciding that physical tactics won’t work against the 2, Lora begins to use seduction to slowly subdue the criminals. She offers to have a little fun before they dispose of her. She gets both of them off to release and they find that they are very weakened and sleepy… so much so that Lora has time to call the police as they drift off to sleep.

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