Stella Elle Facesit Bullies Lora and Leo Cross

Stella Elle is just a huge, terrible bully. She gets into fights with people that she knows she will dominate, and in this case, it is Lora Cross. The fight goes Stella’s way, and she facesits Lora to show just how dominant she is. 

Leo shows up, and he is not happy that Stella is beating up Lora like this. He pulls Stella off of Lora, but this only turns Stella’s ire towards himself. Stella starts beating him up, and Lora is helpless to assist her hubbie.

Stella uses her scantily-clad bottom to sit straight on Leo’s face, covering his mouth with her nether regions, making it difficult for him to respire. She does it so much Leo’s face begins to turn red and his cognition begins to fail… will Stella ever have mercy?!?!

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