Starcross and Bullet Blonde Captured and Interrogated

The famous and heroic Starcross has been captured by one of her enemies, and this time, they got Starcross’s sidekick as well: the sexy and fit Bullet Blonde! It’s not looking good for Starcross and BB, as their foe arrives and begins to beat them for information.

Starcross gets the worst of it at first. Her enemy is not being very patient with her continued defiance, and he brutally punches her, breaking her abs, her back, her kidneys- but he also spares plenty of time for ole blondie.

Time is growing short. Starcross’s enemy decides that if she won’t speak, maybe he can get Bullet Blonde to speak, and he chokes Starcross until she hangs still. Is she still alive? Bullet Blonde doesn’t know- she only knows that she is next…

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