Secret Agent Lora Cross Spy Seduction

Secret Agent Lora Cross is after documents with state secrets that her shadowy organization has sent her to obtain. Agent Cross is an expert at getting what she wants, even though that frequently requires her to suck a dick or otherwise use her body to control the minds of men. This mission is no exception, but her target in this case seems wise to her tricks and knows that she is after the documents.

Lora persists, and she is able to get her target to let her suck his cock- he says that she can pleasure him if she wants to, but that she isn’t getting the documents no matter what. Lora sucks that cock with all her seductive skill, and then leads her target to the bedroom.

After sucking that dick for all she’s worth, she jacks off her target and makes him cum using her drowsy orgasm technique that she learned in spy school. As her target is not able to pay attention, Lora handcuffs him to the bed and takes the bag that has the documents.

Secret Agent Lora Cross has achieved her mission yet again!

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