Phoenixxx Sinz Visits Doctor Lora Cross for Bed Wetting

Oh poor Phoenixxx Sinz… she has a shameful secret. She can’t help herself but to wet the bed, and it’s pretty embarrassing. I mean, she is fully grown woman! Can’t she control her bladder! No, she can’t.

Thankfully for her, she has found a doctor that was highly recommended on Craigslist who treats all sorts of female problems. Lora Cross, Ass Doctor… though apparently according to Yelp, Doctor Lora will help other womanly problems as well. Might as well try her out!

The visit is… strange, but Doctor Lora seems very enthusiastic about helping her patient! Maybe a little too enthusiastic… and she has some interesting diagnostic techniques, like pussy eating. Well, Phoenixxx is no doctor, so maybe this is really how they do things.

After her treatment, Doctor Lora prescribes a diaper for Phoenixxx to wear until she gets her shameful problem under control. Phoenixxx just hopes no-one will be able to notice under her clothes!!!

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