Lora Cross vs Ruby Muscle Sex Fight

Lora Cross is always in search of new hot sexy women to sex wrestle. During her extensive travels, she found the muscular and exotic Ruby Muscle, who was more than willing to give Lora what she was looking for.

These girls strip down, oil up, and then they start their sex wrestling match. It’s a slipper bundle of sexual energy as Lora and Ruby attempt to dominate their opponent and have them orgasm first. Pussies and assholes get eaten, tribbing occurs as the girls rub their pussies all over their opponents, and it is overall a show of skill and determination!

Loser gets fucked with a strap-on. And in an exciting and unusual turn of events, in this match, Lora and Ruby tie! I guess they both have to get fucked with a strap-on!

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