Lora Cross vs Chris Love Sex Fight

What is a sex fight? It is contest passed down by the ancients where you contest your abilities against those of your opponent in order to bring them to orgasm before they are able to do the same thing to you. It is a contest both of athleticism and of sexual prowess, requiring intense training and practice over many years.

The two sex fighters today, Lora Cross and Chris Love, bring sex appeal, lithe bodies, and lesbian cutenss to the match, hoping to honor the sex fighting ancestors and achieve ultimate glory. As the ancients did, these two sex warriors fight completely in the nude and oil up before fighting.

The battle begins even before the wrestling starts, as the women oil the other up, they are already trying to wind up the sexual tension. The muscles of the other are just so hard to resist, and leave both fighters drooling… After the oil is applied, the match starts, and these girls use all of their sex in an attempt to have the other orgasm. 

Which one of the two sexy warriors will prove supreme? Who will get rimmed? Who will get fucked? Watch and find out!

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