Lora Cross vs Buff Blondie Wrestling Belly Punching to be Best Girl

Today we have two strong and sexy female wrestlers going at it on the mats for a real wrestling match, a fight of technique and talent and athleticism. These girls are super sexy and love to get it on, but for this match, there will be no funny business, only straining muscle as they attempt to out-wrestle the other.

Lora Cross knows that she is best girl, always best girl, but this newcomer Buff Blondie thinks that she can just show up and take the title away from Lora and put her in the dust. Lora has something to say about that, as she punches away at Blondie’s belly and stretches her over her knee. Blondie has an answer to Lora’s moves, and wails away with bear hugs, belly punches, and more.

Watch to see which of these determined and athletic babes will win this fight of the ages and walk away from the mats knowing that they, indeed, are best girl.

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