Lora Cross versus Sam Stout Mixed Wrestling Facefuck Punishment

Lora ain’t scared of no man! Even when that man is a trained pro wrestler like Sam Stout. Lora Cross is a wrestler herself, and she is plenty strong and skilled. Sam, of course, is not going to take Lora’s cocky arrogance laying down, so they get together on the mats for a tough mixed pro-wrestling match to see who can lay out and take the most punishment.

It’s their third match, and Sam is ready to win one after recently losing to Lora. Lora, however, is not about to give up her winning streak so easily.

The match is tough and the bodies take a beating. Lora Cross uses some of her signature wrestling holds, stretching Sam’s body to the limit, and Sam does not hold back just because Lora is a girl- he picks her up, slams her down, and shows no mercy. It’s a 3-round match, and after the first two rounds, it is 1-1…

Then Sam summons a burst of ferocity and defeats Lora’s arrogant ass! It’s time for Lora to get punished in the punishment round, and Sam delivers a facefucking that Lore will never forget!

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