Lora Cross Dominates Sadie Holmes in Arm Wrestling

Why oh why did Sadie Holmes think that she had a chance defeating Lora Cross at arm wrestling? Yes, in loose clothing, Lora can look scrawny- standing barely over 5-foot and weighing barely over 100lbs. But when the clothes start to come off, it becomes immediately apparent that every one of those pounds is muscle, and she’s actually 5’1 (5’2 in running shoes!).

The match begins, and it does not go well for Sadie Holmes. Fighting to pin Lora’s arms to the table is like wrestling anacondas made of titanium. Eventually, Lora decides to humiliate Sadie further, and offers to allow Sadie to use both her arms against Lora’s one. 

Lore still destroys her.

At the end of the match, as a condition for losing, Sadie must kiss, adore, and worship the refined muscles that defeated and humiliated her. Don’t challenge Lora again.

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