Lora Cross Does CPR After Buff Blondie Collapses in Shower

Buff Blondie, the sexy athletic piece that Lora has made friends with, is just trying to take a nice shower to relax and get clean for a fun evening. Things are going so well, until… they aren’t.

Buff collapses in the shower! Lora arrives and finds her sexy friend laying in the shower, not moving… Has her heart stopped?!? Lora is panicked, but she gets Buff out of the shower and takes her to the bedroom.

She’s not breathing, her heart’s not beating… It’s time for Lora to do CPR! Lora starts performing CPR on Buff in order to save her life, and nothing is a bigger turn on for Lora than to perform CPR!

Watch to find out if Lora is successful or if she gets too turned on and distracted to save poor Buff Blondie!

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