Lora Cross Couple Swap with Your Dream Couple

Your Dream Couple truly is a dream… hot, savvy, sexually excellent, proficient, horny AF, and the list of positive traits goes on and on. Lora Cross can’t resist a hot couple who wants in her pants, and her husband Leo Cross was excited to swap wives and enjoy some new tight sexy pussy while watching his wife Lora do what she does best.

The encounter started with Leo behind the camera, enjoying the show as BG and Lora took care of Daddy’s dick by sucking on it and taking it deep in their tight pussies. Eventually, though, Leo just had to join in.

BG sucks Leo’s dick while watching Lora gag on her husband’s dick, then Leo slams his cock deep in BG’s pussy while Lora is getting railed by Daddy. It’s a sexy-as-hell fuckfest, with ass eating, slobbery deepthroat, pussy destruction, and more.

Eventually, though, all good things must end, and this good thing ends by Leo fucking Lora’s pussy into oblivion before pulling out at the last moment to cum all over BG’s face.

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