Lora Bound, Captured and Erotically Edged

Lora Cross is tied to the Saint Andrew’s cross and kept their by her masked captor and Ashley Charms. Ashley twists her nipples and kisses her while Leo smacks her ass nice and red and aggressively twists and smacks her around.

Eventually the vibrator comes out and the two captors apply both pleasure and pain as they edge Lora endlessly. She moans and thrashes begging to cum to no avail. Eventually Ashley lets Lora cum and the two remove her from the cross but keep her arms bound behind her back. Ashley has her captor finger her and get her off while her hands are still tied until Leo grabs her and has her way wish her. He fucks her hard in doggy style, pounding his hips against hers until he’s had all his fun…the two leave Lora on the cross

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