Lora Beats Up Then Rizzes Female Burglar

What is it with burglars targeting Lora Cross specifically? It’s strange how often it happens, you might start to think it is staged…

Regardless, Lora has no tolerance for being burgled, and this instance was no exception. Dressed in a tight catsuit, Tapered Physique entered Lora’s house like a cock enters a pussy, and snuck around looking for her loot. 

Lora catches her in the act, red-handed! The confrontation devolves into a femdom scuffle, a thigh-fight with headscissors, and of course, the girls get turned on by all of the rubbing between their thighs. 

Lora ties up Tapered and handcuffs her hands behind her back, but Tapered escapes and manhandles Lora and ties HER up! It’s a regular-ole turnabout! They both end up kissing, worshiping each others’ tight bodies, but no good thing lasts forever, and a federal agent arrives to arrest them both! They both end up tape-gagged and handcuffed. Woohoo!

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