Lora Beatdown For Being a Loser

“You deserve this! I don’t like losers!” Leo says as he violently twists Lora’s nipples, pulling them as hard as he can in order to inflict maximum punishment on Lora for being such a loser. “You deserve this! What did you think would happen?” Leo doesn’t barely let up on Lora’s nipples for a whole minute, mainly to punch her in the gut, and then, the punishment gets worse.

“Baby, just untie me!” Lora pleads. Leo kicks her over to her front, then pulls her up into a face-down, ass-up position.

“You know what’s next,” Leo says ominously, just before he slams a pussy pinch straight onto Lora’s tender twat. Lora screams in excruciating pain. Unable to do anything about it. She struggles to get away, but Leo continues the pussy pinch punishment. “Get up or it’s going to be worse! You deserve this for losing, you loser!”

After Lora’s pussy is nice and perfectly pinched, Leo decides that losers don’t need all of their toes. He puts Lora in a painful figure-four leg lock and takes out a few of her toes with strong twists. Lora screams in pain and despair. The punishment continues and continues, and Lora is fully broken…

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