Lora and Peyton and the Pet Trainer

Oh no! Lora has been found and brought to the lair of the dastardly pet trainer! This evil man teaches girls how to be good pets and then takes them to his boss… who knows what happens once they get there!

Lora is initially defiant, and the trainer shows her what it means to be a good pet with the help of his already-trained Peyton Pandora. Peyton is a good girl, and she does what she’s supposed to. The trainer and Lora fight, but Lora ends up handcuffed to a coffee table and watches Peyton do what she’s been trained to do.

Eventually, the trainer decides it is time to go to bed… but Peyton and Lora took advantage of his distraction while Peyton was giving him a handjob to steal the keys to Lora’s handcuffs. Unfortunately for her, the doors are locked from the inside and Lora will need a key to escape the house. It is nowhere to be found!

Peyton and Lora talk and cook up a plan to escape, and it involves pleasuring the trainer until he is under their power… watch to see if they are successful or if they end up well-trained pets!

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