Lesbian Stepsisters Wedgie Disciplined for Fighting

Lora Cross and Tatiana Steele are stepsisters, and while they have to live together, that doesn’t mean they have to like it. They are both type-A top-shelf sluts, so of course, there are going to be some conflicts. They get into a fight, AGAIN, but this time, before they are able to tear each other’s tits right off their bodies, their stepmom, Tapered Physique, shows up.

It’s discipline time. Slutty stepdaughters must be punished when they behave like stinky fools, and the best way to punish slutty stepdaughters is with wedgies. Pussy-ripping, asshole-slicing wedgies. No mercy, only pain.

Tapered is strong and determined, and only after she makes Lora and Tapered yell out in pure misery does she end the punishment experience.

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