Lesbian Fun Turns To Heart-Stopping CPR Experience

Lesbians just love to have fun! Lora Cross, Tatiana Steele, and Gia Stone have put on some sex lingerie and reconnoitered to their nearest lesbian playground (aka ‘the bedroom’) to get it on. Their pussies are quivering in anticipation. 

Then, OH NO! Tatiana Steele’s lil MILF heart gives out just imagining all of the debauched pleasures about to be visited upon her tight lil MILF pussy! Lora Cross and Gia Stone are on the case though, and it’s time for them to perform excellent, realistic, and high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

Then, oh no AGAIN!!! Gia Stone gets so turned on by the CPR that her heart stops too! But thankfully, due to the high-quality CPR she received, Tatiana comes to and she is able to help Lora perform CPR on Gia.

I bet you see where this is going. Yes, remarkably, Lora’s heart stops, Gia’s begins again, and now Tatiana and Gia resuscitate Lora!!! In the end, these three lesbos had a great time getting off on saving each others’s lives. How wonderful!

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