Leo Cross Straitjacket Bearhug Jolene Hexx

Oh Lora Cross- your friends keep falling into the trap of your arch-nemesis, the Straitjacket Man! He already has defeated and straitjacketed you and Charlie Winters, and now, his master has hired him to do the same to Jolene Hexx.

“You’ll see your friends soon enough, Jolene,” the Straitjacket Man tells her as he bear hugs Jolene her into submission, tapes over her mouth, and then subdues her enough to put a straitjacket on her.

Once the straitjacket is on Jolene, you would think she would bow to the inevitable and start playing along, but the first chance Jolene gets, she attempts to escape! Straitjacket Man is having none of it, and he decides it is time to bearhug Jolene some more until she truly submits!!!

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