Lady Knight Treats Her Guy Right


[The lady knight is crouched over her prince, who is sitting propped up against a wall. He’s holding his stomach as if he’s been stabbed by something]

Knight: Your Highness! You’re hurt. How bad is it? Let me take a look…

Prince: It’s…hnngggh…it’s nothing.

Knight: It doesn’t sound like “nothing.” Please, Your Highness, just let me see…

[Knight inspects the wound]

Prince: Well?

Knight: The wound is deep, Your Highness. How do you feel?

Prince: Weak…and a bit dizzy. And stop calling me Your Highness. We’re not in the Royal Court. We’ve known each other for years, and just got through dispatching a pack of assassins together. You can call me by my given name.

Knight: Forgive me, Your Hi…I mean…it’s just that I’ve never addressed you by your name before. Would you accept the compromise of me calling you “My Lord?” After all, you are the lord over several lands throughout the kingdom

Prince: [sighs]. Fair enough. So what’s the verdict?

Knight: There may be some bleeding within you that I cannot see. That is probably why you’re feeling weak. We shouldn’t move you, but help may be hours away, and…

Prince: And I don’t have that much time, do I?

[The knight lowers her gaze and drops her head, dejected. The Prince places a hand on her cheek and under her chin and lifts her head so that she can look him in the eye.

Prince: It’s all right. There’s no one to blame, except the bastards who attacked us.

Knight: No, my Lord. My duty was to protect you. Not only did I fail my prince…I failed my best friend.

Prince: Enough of that nonsense. You’ve done no such thing.

Knight: Let me at least try to seek out a physician in the next town. Maybe I can…

Prince: We both know the nearest town is hours away. Please stay.

[The lady knight sits next to the prince]

Knight: You…you look so calm. You aren’t afraid?

Prince: I’m only afraid of one thing. I’m the sole heir to the throne. Once I’m…once I’m gone, that will be the end of our family line, and the end of our royal house. I regret that more than you can know.

Knight: Pardon my frankness, My Lord, but many fair ladies and their families have been most vocal in their desires to marry you. Did none of them suit your fancy?

Prince: Hmm…some were fair, some were kind, and some were even beautiful…but all of them were missing something.

Knight: What was that?

Prince: They lacked passion. Fire. Boldness. They lacked strength. I have met only one woman who had the beauty, passion, and strength I desired in just the right proportions.

Knight: Who…me? Surely you jest, My Lord.

Prince: You’ve known me for well over a decade. Do I look like I speak in jest?

Knight: But…there’s nothing ladylike about me. My muscles, my battle-scars…My Lord, I am merely a weapon. An instrument of your divine will. As your personal guard I was charged with protecting you and ensuring the continuation of your family’s reign. That is all I ever…

[the prince interrupts her, pulling the knight towards him and kissing her passionately. She initially resists, but only for a few seconds. She then reciprocates, with even more aggressiveness than he just displayed]

Prince: I’ve always wanted to do that. Judging from your response, so did you.

Knight: I did, My Lord. For some time, now. Even now, feeling your lips pressed against mine, your sweet saltiness on my tongue, has caused me to moisten beyond reason. But I dare not do more, not in your condition.

Prince [wincing a bit]. Yes…yet another item to add to my list of regrets.

Knight [ponders a bit]: Wait a moment. I can still fulfill my duty to you, and to the realm, and we can satiate our desires all at the same time.

Prince [confused]: What do you mean?

Knight: Allow me to secure the continuation of your royal bloodline.

Prince [half amused]: Are you serious?

Knight: Please, My Lord. I ask this not just out of a sense of duty. I want to do this for you. The man who has fought by my side more than once against impossible odds. The man who stirs both my heart and my loins. I will carry and bear your heir if you wish it. But we must act quickly. More assassins may be on their way, and your condition…

Prince: Yes…I know…but I’m afraid I’m in no condition to participate much in this…endeavor.

Knight: Do not worry, My Lord. I will handle everything. I know from talking to some of the ladies at court that you like to take the lead during love-play, but this time I must insist that I take charge.

Prince: What are you asking?

Knight: Pardon my crassness, but I’m asking you to allow me f*ck you, My Lord. Let me rock your f*cking world. I will ride you as hard as you can bear it until you empty the full measure of your royal jewels into me, and then the deed will be done

Prince: Hmm…I cannot argue with your logic. But your armor…it will take some time for you to remove it.

Knight: I know, there’s no time. It will have to stay on. But I can work around it. Let me see your dagger [rips a hole in the crotch of her trousers]. That should do it. Are you ready, My Lord? Are you ready to sink your massive c*ck balls-deep in me?

Prince: You have no idea.

[Our armor-clad lady knight gives special attention to her prince’s balls and shaft, sucking on and stroking them to firm him up. She then straddles him, places him inside her, then begins to ride and grind. She periodically kisses him while she’s riding, as she knows this will make him c*m quicker. You can throw in whatever spicy dialogue you deem appropriate for the situation]

[After the orgasm, both of them are breathing heavily, but the prince appears to be drifting off a bit]

Knight: Whoa…I can’t believe how hard you made me c*m. And you…you filled me up to the f*cking brim. You’re a lusty f*cker, aren’t you? I’m impressed! Hey…are you still with me?

[The prince, who had been sitting up, begins to slump over. The knight catches him]

Knight [frantic]: No, no…no…this can’t be happening! Please stay with me! I feel like I’ve just found you…after all this time, I’ve finally found you. I can’t lose you now. Don’t go! Please don’t go!  [her tearful voice fades off as the scene slowly cuts to black]


[The prince slowly begins to wake up.  His trusty bodyguard is at his side]

Prince: What…what happened? Where…where am I?

Knight: You’re home, My Lord. A group of pilgrims happened to be passing through. One of them was a healer. And a very good one. He was able to slow your bleeding enough for us to get you back to the palace.

Prince [groggy]: How long…

Knight: It’s been about a week, My Lord. You gave us quite a scare

Prince: How long have you been here? Please don’t tell me you’ve been at my bedside the entire time.

[the Knight lowers her head and drops her gaze, but smiles slyly while she does it]

Prince: [sighs]. You didn’t have to worry over me like that.

Knight: And why not? After all, we’re practically family now.

Prince: What do you mean?

[the Knight comes closer to the bed, and gently places the prince’s right hand into both of hers. She lovingly guides his hand to her belly and presses his hand against it]

Knight: Our physicians have informed me that in nine months, there will be a new addition to the royal family.

Prince: You mean….

Knight: Yes. Our plan….my plan, worked. Please do not be angry with me…

[the prince leans in and kisses her]

Prince: How could I be angry? I count this as one of the happiest days of my life.

Knight: It would be much happier if the King and Queen approved of our union.

Prince: You needn’t worry. I’m sure they’ll come to see things our way. They should see that you’ll make a fine princess.

Knight: I hope so. But for now, get some rest. I can’t wait to pick up where we left off a few days ago.

Prince: Hmm…I can’t wait, either. But do you think I can actually do the f*cking next time?

Knight: [shakes her head]: Not a chance.

[they share a laugh, then kiss again]


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