Intern Mars Foxxx Asks For Boss’s Husband to Breed Her

Mars Foxxx has just started a new internship, and her boss, Lora Cross, seems really cool! In addition, there are some interesting rumors going around the office- it appears that Lora lends out her husband to impregnate any of the office women who are interested.

Mars is interested. She would love to be bred by her boss’s husband. So she builds up the courage to ask Lora, and of course, Lora agrees!

She brings Mars to the house for her husband Leo to BREED, and Leo takes to this task with enthusiasm, pounding Mars’s pussy hard to build up a huge load to send deep into Mars’s womb. Lora joins in on the action and gets some sex as well.

Then, Leo cums deep in Mars’s pussy, virtually ensuring that she will become pregnant. Another successful breeding!

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