Inmate Corners Cop For Breeding

Lora Cross is a dangerous fugitive, and she has escaped her prison… hot on her tail is the crooked cop Leo, who has been tasked with bringing Lora back to the justice she deserves. 

Oh no! The inmate ambushes the cop, and though they have a hand-to-hand exchange, Lora is just too dominant in a fistfight, and is able to subdue Leo and bring him back to the garage where she has been hiding out.

Too weak to resist, Leo can’t do anything but watch as Lora ties his hands above his head. It’s time for Lora to make a baby! She gets Leo’s cock hard and rides him until he fills her pussy up with baby-making juice, and then after subduing Leo for the last time, Lora absconds and flees the scene.

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