Influencer Beat Up by Chun Li and Sub Zero

Sadie Holmes, the beautiful, excellent, and wealthy social media influencer and darling of the times is just trying to be herself and live her life in her house, looking beautiful and fashionable as always. Suddenly, this crazy bitch dressed like the Street Fighter Chun Li appears out of nowhere and blasts her in the face with a baton!

“You should really lock your doors,” this crazy bitch says before launching into a tirade about how it’s not fair that Sadie is more successful on social media than she is, and kicking her while she’s down…

Sadie’s in the dungeon now, and her social media competition has plans for a beatdown.  But she’s not going to be doing it solo. This wanna be Chun Li brings in her friend, Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat, to help her kick Sadie’s ass.

This is going to be a beatdown to remember!

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