Hotlegs Playtime Basement Surprise Messed Up by Lora Cross

When will Hotlegs Playtime learn? She keeps going over to Lora Cross’s house for various reasons- this time, she thinks she is the better webcam model. “Inaccurate!” cries Lora Cross, ready for vengeance. 

Oh, and vengeance Lora acquires.

It’s in the basement. Hotlegs Playtime is tied up with her arms overhead, wearing her silly formal outfit. Lora is about to have some fun. Let’s ruin HLPT’s nice outfit with some water, shall we? Let’s put a PIE in her FACE!!!

Next, it’s time for a beatdown. Lora shows no mercy, throwing HLPT around, squeezing her head between her legs, and overall making sure she has a messy, bad time. 

Fuck off!

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