Hollywood vs Lora Cross Pro Style Wrestling Humiliation

Models: Lora Cross and Hollywood

Hollywood vs. Lora 10 minutes Outfits – bikinis Hollywood is talking to the camera about her career being an original GLOW girl, the legends she has faced (Kristie Etzold, Hurricane Havana, Tanya Danielle etc…) and how she’s still going strong.

Lora enters interrupting her saying she’s not impressed, that Hollywood is washed up and should retire. They get in each others face and compare muscles. The agree to have match where the winner gets to humiliate the loser. The match begins and is relatively even. Theres lots of trashtalk between the two.

Moves are both clean and some dirty moves. Some dirty moves are hair pulling, eye rake, choking, fish hooks, and biting. Some of the clean moves used are reverse headscissor, reverse figure 4 headscissor, breast smother/grapevine, facesitting (Front and reverse), crossface/camel clutch, lotus lock, and single leg boston crab

Ending Hollywood traps Lora in a crucifix hold (pics attached). Lora struggles to get free as Hollywood trash talks her. Lora eventually has no choice but to submit. She yells “I give!, I give!”. Hollywood keeps her in the hold and makes Lora answer her questions, “who is the winner?”, “did you submit?”, “Are you going to do what I ask?” “Who’s washed up now?” etc… Once

Hollywood is satisfied she releases Lora. Hollywood now gets to humiliate Lora. The first thing she does is make Lora lay on her back as Hollywood puts her in a schoolgirl pin and tells her to count her own pin.

Lora reluctantly counts her own 10 count pin. Hollywood then does a flexing victory pose over Lora for the camera. She then makes Lora get up and raise Hollywood’s hand and declare her the winner for the camera. Hollywood then lifts Lora over her shoulder, blows a kiss to the camera and carries her off the mats

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