Harley Quinn Tells Bruce and Wonder Woman to Fuck Her or City Destroyed

Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman are a thing. Bruce has just returned home from a series of meetings at Wayne Enterprises, and Wonder Woman just got back from a mission. Both are okay, but tired.

Enter the crazed lunatic, Harley Quinn. Bruce and WW fight her, but for some strange reason, they are having a lot of trouble! Bruce smells the answer on Harley’s breath: she has taken Venom, and is extremely strong and immune to pain.

Teaming up on Harley, Bruce and Diana finally subdue her but Harley had a back-up plan. She tells the superheroes that she has rigged the city up to explode, and will only stop the explosion if her two conditions are met: she wants be a member of the Justice League, and Bruce and Wonder Woman must fuck her. 

What!?! Diana is outraged, but Bruce calmly asserts that this is the only way to save the day. The three head to the bedroom for some wild sex- Diana is resentful at first, but eventually gets into having sex with Batman and Harley Quinn at the same time!

At the end of the session, all are sexually satisfied and the day is saved. Hoorah!

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