Galas Looner Destroyed by Leo and Lora

Lora Cross is training for an upcoming match under the skillful and wise guidance of her husband and trainer, Leo Cross. They are in the gym they normally use, when all of a sudden, this BITCH shows up! Galas Looner walks right into the gym and tries to kick them out, explaining that she owns the space now. Something to do with money and buying it legitimately… honestly, who cares?

Leo and Lora are NOT having it. Leo grabs Galas’s arms and holds them behind her back, and Lora slugs this corpo bitch right in the gut. Lora may have abs of steel, but Galas… let’s just say Lora’s fist met with Galas’s spine through the front. 

The punishment continues, and continues, and there are countless punches from Lora straight into Galas’s gut. She crumples down and would fall to the floor, but Leo keeps holding her up. Eventually the one-sided boxing match ends, but will Galas ever recover? Doubt it.

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