Female Knight Fucks Wizard and Barmaid

Dame Lora Cross is enjoying a nice beverage at the town tavern, being served by the sexy barmaid Athena, when her comrade the wizard Leo, returns to the tavern. Lora wasn’t even sure he was alive after their last encounter!

Luckily, Leo is alive, and Dame Lora wants to celebrate! She has the perfect idea- she and Leo will take the tavern wench Athena to bed with them. Leo loves this idea, and so he teleports the threesome to his tower, and they get busy. Hard dick is delivered by this pro sorcerer straight into the pussies of the knight and the tavern wench, and they are loving it.

Leo fucks both bitches from behind, but eventually, he decides to make everyone more comfortable. With a snap of his magic fingers, all of their clothes are suddenly gone! Lora and Athena take more and more dick, but eventually, Leo fills Athena’s pussy up with his sorcerous cum!

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