Empress and Bodyguard Breed On Hapless Man

Empress Lora and her bodyguard, Sadie, have ordered their breeding specimen from the human race so that they can give birth to progeny and prevent the dwindling of their own superior species.

Unfortunately, there was a little mix-up in the communications with the addresses, and instead of a stunning princely specimen of a man, they got a brainy engineer who thought he was coming on a job to repair some electronics. The Empress has to get pregnant TONIGHT to prove she can provide an heir for the empire or she risks being overthrown, so the engineer will have to do.

The Empress and her bodyguard take the engineer man to the bedroom to start the breeding session, and they are actually impressed! Maybe brains are just as useful as brawn. Empress Lora takes the load of man-juice that she needed and crosses her fingers that she becomes pregnant. Maybe they need to try again?

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