Crook Has Sex Sandwich with Two Hot Cops

Do you want to watch an XXX story about two dirty cops and their criminal accomplice? When I say dirty, I mean sexually filthy as well as crooked. Officer Cross has a deal with a criminal she knows in exchange for certain… favors, shall we say, and she’s decided it’s time to bring her rookie, Officer Steele, in on the gig as well.

Officer Lora sweetens the deal for her criminal friend, saying that she brought him some fresh meat in the form of rookie Steele, and as soon as the swap of goods is made, Officer Lora has her rookie show just what she’s good at- sucking dick and eating ass.

The threesome gets naked and oils up, and then it is time for some good fucking. That’s what these female officers need in order to wind down from their hard work days. Their pet criminal is more than happy to oblige, dicking them down good, eventually in the form of an oiled sex sandwich.

“I’m going to fill your tight cop pussy with cum!”

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