Couples Therapy for Spaceship Crew

The Captain tries to run a tight ship, but with so many hard-working men and women building up so much stress, there’s bound to be some drama, much of it juicy, but the Captain doesn’t have time for it.

Her Lieutenant and her Science Officer have been the source of some rumors, something about how they have not been getting along after going on a date and that now they are snipping at each other and in general making everything miserable for everyone around them when they go out on missions.

It’s true, the Lieutenant and the Science Officer admit. They did go on a date, but the Lieutenant didn’t feel a spark, and left the date without so much as a goodbye hug. The Captain understands. Well, it’s affecting mission effectiveness, so they are both ordered off duty until they complete a rigorous counseling regimen to ensure they are able to work together effectively.

Alternatively, they could give each other one more chance. By having a threesome with the Captain. They choose this alternative, and the threesome begins.

There is pussy eating, cock sucking, hard fucking, ass eating, and more as these three horny space officers get it on in the Captain’s bedchambers, and eventually, the Lieutenant realizes, maybe she should go on another date with the Science Officer!

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