Cop Interracial Fucks Informant

Officer Leo has come to the decided drop point to meet with his informant, Paris Love. Paris has been feeding the officer information in exchange for him keeping her criminal activities on the down-low, and in addition, the two have another deal ongoing…

Officer Leo and his informant Paris discuss upcoming organized crime activity, and then Paris demands that the Officer fuck her, as this is part of their agreement. The officer says that he is with someone new, and that maybe she is ‘The One’. 

Paris is not having this. There is no way this new bitch has as nice a body, as round an ass, as tight a pussy as Paris does! Paris kisses Leo, and then she has him.

They fuck right then and there. Paris sucks Leo’s dick to get it ready, then rides him as hard as she knows how, proving that her pussy is the best. Leo fucks her from behind, slamming into her, until he fills her pussy up with cum!

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