Chun Li vs Guile Fight with Sexual Victory

It’s street fight time! Chun Li is here to take on Guile- the fight will be hard, punishing, and dangerous, but that is nothing new to these two professional fighters.

Kicks, karate chops, punches, and throws- Chun Li and Guile’s bodies are going to take a beating as they do their best to defeat their opponent. The stakes make it worth it to try as hard as possible- whoever wins gets to use their opponent sexually until they are satisfied.

Chun Li eventually wins with a throw to stun Guile followed by a crushing head scissor, making Guile tap out. Chun Li puts Guile on the mats and rides his cock until her pussy is satisfied, before humiliating him by putting him in another head scissor and jerking him off until he cums!

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