Bullet Blondie and StarCross Captured

StarCross and her associate Bullet Blondie have been taken and strung up like slabs of meat by an evil villain who is intent on the destruction of this potent fighters. He’s not going to stop tormenting them until they tell him exactly the location of their base.

Both toned and muscular fighters are glistening with sweat unable to fight back except with her words. Her interrogator arrives and is not messing around. The beatdown begins, and Starcross as well as Bullet Blondie take the punishing punches, kicks and lashings.

“Where is your base?” Bullett Blondie is asked, with a punch to her glistening taut abs. Her only response is “Get Fucked!”. This earns her nothing more than more strikes and blows to her aching body. The punches rain down, the slaps ring her ears, and while their bodies is weakening, their resolve remains strong…

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