Bounty Hunter Lora Takes in Tapered Physique and Cay Baby

“I don’t see her anywhere,” says Tapered.

“I think we finally lost her,” says Cay.

They are wrong. Lora is just out of their field of vision, and they definitely did not lose her. Lora is a bounty hunter, here to collect her targets for a nice phat payday and take Tapered and Cay back to prison (where they belong). 

Lora starts off with a hard firm knee to Cay’s belly, knocking the wind out of her, then throws her to the mat. Tapered receives the same treatment, and the beatdown continues. Tapered and Cay try to fight back, but Lora is trained and dangerous, and they have no chance.

Eventually, Lora gets these two bail-jumpers in handcuffs and phones in her success to her boss. While she waits to be picked up, maybe there is time for some selfies with her prey…

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